About Us

I.dentifying D.esign E.lements Story

Start with a Foundation, Keep a Hustle, Live your DREAMS.


I.dentifying D.esign E.lements also known as I.D.E is a premier company of apparel and design of fashionable clothing. Established in October 2012, I.D.E started as an idea of fashion for all. Celebrating the convergence of underground fashion, music, art, and entertainment! We are known for our stylish and affordable fashion plus the unique touches we bring to our collections. Based out of New York City we offer branded and own label product lines across men’s and women’s wear – including a variety of clothing and accessories to suit all types.


I.D.E is bringing fashion back to a time, when a stylish product was worth more than it’s price tag. Our commitment to the customer is our first priority, but more importantly our passion, which is why we have set the industry standard for quality, design, and price. Overall, I.D.E exists because of the generous support of our friends, colleagues, and family. But, the most important key to I.D.E existence is you, the customers and viewers, that has never doubted, spread the word and showed patience. If you have a comment, suggestion, or general inquiry, get in touch with us at idenationwide@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you.