Identifying Design Elements New Sweater Line Was A Success!

After the launch of Identifying Design Elements website they were slated to unveil their latest clothing line idea to the public. After creating a online retail success Identifying Design Elements took the world with there new idea of sweaters with different fabric sleeves.

One of the clothing line representatives was wearing one of the most coveted pieces of the Fall season—a sweater with a lion emblazoned on the front, along with the Identifying Design Elements label. To say that lion sweaters were a hit is a serious understatement; During the Fall/Spring 2013 collections in New York, it seemed like every It-blogger, fashion editor, and model was wearing one, and—making the item all the more tantalizing—the sweaters were not to be found for sale anywhere.

So just how does this kind of runway retail hit happen, anyway? And when were these bad boys actually available? It turns out that Identifying Design Elements were just as surprised by the sweaters’ success as we were.

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